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Kurt FinkbeinerKurt Finkbeiner

Wealth + Life Management

Know your now. Rule your future.


Charting your financial security

by marrying data with dreams.


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Let’s be frank about where you stand and then decide what you need, what you want, and how to get it.

We help you navigate the risks and rewards affecting your future.

Side by side with you, we monitor, organize, and manage your life choices and their financial consequences.

 Working together, we manage your money and your life. 

Know your now. Rule your future.

The choices we face today are a result of the decisions we made yesterday.

How We Serve

Your success demands competence more than camaraderie.

We employ advanced financial management and planning tools to help you act smarter, decide better—

and live simpler. 

What’s that mean in plain English? The answer is different for every client. Without knowing you and your aspirations, the best software in the world falls short. 

We coach, counsel, analyze, design, and implement as you invest, discover, and grow. We manage your assets with straightforward honesty, guiding your financial and personal progress.  

 Are you ready?

Know your now. Rule your future.

The choices we face today are a result of the decisions we made yesterday.

Two Steps

Plain and simple: know your now and rule your future. You take tiny invisible steps before you even know it. A health crisis. An unforeseen debt. An inheritance. A milestone birthday. Job loss. Promotion. Retirement. Then what? You take action.
You make the call. Or send the email. You begin the conversation.  


Know your now. Find out what you have, what you need, what you want, and how to get it. This isn’t just numbers. It’s a reality check on many levels: finances, resources, challenges, health, family, work. We’ll do two important things: keep you honest and guide you. 


Rule your future. Define your goals and aspirations. Learn what it takes to get there.  Discuss a plan. Confer with us. Revise it. "Publish" the plan. (Put it in writing.) Start executing your plan.

"If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it." --Abraham Lincoln

The choices we face today are a result of the decisions we made yesterday.

Family Office Matters

Has anyone ever said you were just like family? What a compliment!  It says, "I know you've got my back." It conveys trust and closeness. That's exactly how we want you to feel about Kurt Finkbeiner Retirement Strategies. Family. We want you to feel confident, safe, and secure about your future. Our Family Office Experience offers intimate, client-intense relationships that focus on: 

  • Minimizing loss of wealth
  • Providing utmost privacy and discretion
  • Restoring your most precious asset: your time

Families with private wealth and business assets encounter unique challenges. Knowing this, your detractors target you and all you have. Frivolous or fraudulent lawsuits are just a few of the threats your family faces.

Stewardship. Guidance. Security.

Our version of the Family Office serves as a steward to coordinate family wealth. We guide families as they continue their legacy, embrace their values, and protect their hard-won success. We counter losses from capital gains and wealth-transfer taxes. And we foster security against market downturns, deterioration of physical assets, and other inroads into your wealth and assets.

How your family benefits

What's in it for you and your family? For starters, less worry and more time for what you enjoy. With KFRS's Family Office Experience, you can expect:

  • management instead of reaction: our transparent planning and execution yield orderly direction and peace of mind
  • oversight: sophisticated financial tracking and monitoring tools provide stability and discipline
  • objectivity: freed from personal bias or favoritism, we give clear-eyed, sober advice
  • security: our risk assessment and mitigation methods offer layers of protection in an increasingly threatening world

Our family chores

What does our Family Office Experience consist of? Every family has assigned chores for its members. What are ours? Our tasks include:

  • discerning your needs and wants -- and the difference between each
  • discussing candidly -- without bias --what we discern, in plain English
  • determining what is important to you, and your family
  • implementing positive, attainable goals

All families are different. Let's sit down and see how we can make the right difference for yours.

Know your now. Rule your future.

The choices we face today are a result of the decisions we made yesterday.

My Story

Hello. Have we met? I’m Kurt. 

Do you enjoy anxiety and worry? Of course not. Neither do I. But life happens: health, debt, or retirement issues come at us sometimes without warning. 

I’m here to lower the temperature, lessen the anxiety, and provide doses of sanity and security for your financial future. No magic wand or crystal ball. Just straight talk and sound advice – all based on my decades of experience in working with people just like you. Whether you’re an employer or employee, I’m here to help you make good choices for you and your family.

What’s your story?

kurt finkbeiner

Know your now. Rule your future.

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Don’t be shy. Pull up a comfy chair. 

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